Macaron or macaroon — do you you know the difference between these two delicious treats? Only one can be found at the Rabbit Hole. In honor of Macaron Day, coming up on Saturday, March 24, we’re shedding some light on the sweet treats for all our customers who are absolutely mad for them!

Our cake queen Amanda is also mad for Macarons. She has always wanted to have Macarons in the shop because they are so hard to find in Lincoln, and she absolutely loves them! They are so colorful and dainty and they taste delicious. She enjoys having so many opportunities to be creative with the flavors, designs, and colors. It’s also a huge plus that they are naturally gluten free.

Macarons and macaroons are both very popular and and can satisfy any sweet tooth, but other than that, the two couldn’t be more different. Macarons are the vibrantly-colored meringue sandwich sweets you see in our case of goodies. Their name is actually pronounced Mack-ah-RUHN. The recipe for macarons hails from France. The “cookie” portion is made of meringue and sugar, while the gooey middle usually consists of ganache or jam. Because they’re made mostly of egg whites, macarons are a tad bit healthier than other desserts. Everyday at the Rabbit Hole, you’ll be able to find at least two flavors, such as Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Key Lime or Strawberry. We rotate our flavors often, so it’s worth coming in at least a couple times a week to try a new flavor.


Macaroons (note the double “o”) are coconut based.There’s a better chance that you may have eaten one of these tasty treats, because the recipe originates in America. They often are dipped in chocolate or flavored with lemon, and don’t have an array of flavors like Macarons do.

We’d love for you to come celebrate National Macaron Day at the Rabbit Hole! Hop down and try our variety of colors and flavors!

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