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Dear friends, family, customers, and partners of Rabbit Hole Bakery:

First of all, we are so grateful for the love and support of our community. Due to the increasing impact of COVID-19 on communities across the globe and in compliance with CDC guidelines, we are taking all of the necessary measures to ensure wellness for employees and customers alike, while striving to keep our ovens going. The following options are available to get sweet treats to YOU:

Our DoorDash menu is updated daily! DoorDash is a great way to order even just a few treats, not just limited to big orders!

Additionally, gift certificates can be purchased over the phone!

In this time of uncertainty, we at The Rabbit Hole Bakery believe that indulging our imagination is the way to get through this without going completely mad. Order yourself a treat and burrow into the comfort of your own home as we all do our part in social distancing to flatten the curve. We can’t wait to eat, drink, and celebrate in The Rabbit Hole with you all once again on the other side of this. We know in our heart of hearts that united, we are better together. 

Temporary Conditional Hours in Response to COVID-19:

Monday – Friday 

8 AM – 8 PM


8 AM – 8 PM




Indulge Your Imagination

At The Rabbit Hole Bakery, you’ll notice the difference in our small batch baking and top quality sweets. The hurrier bakers go, the behinder they get. There are no shortcuts to the crazy goodness in these tasty treats. The Rabbit Hole bakes from scratch every morning using only the freshest and finest ingredients available. That’s The Rabbit Hole reality, and it’s different from every other bakery.

Enjoy a slice of happiness from one of our delectable cakes. An array of scrumptious pastry items are on display daily to be enjoyed in wonderland or if you’re running late, take the treats to your own tea party. There’s a treat to be found for every guest; gluten free and dairy free options are available. You’ll love how elegant liquors pair with delicious desserts in the whimsical hideaway at The Rabbit Hole. Admittedly, it’s an entirely bonkers idea, but here’s a secret: all the best ideas are.

Experience the Magic of The Rabbit Hole Bakery



In the madness of planning an event, working with The Rabbit Hole Bakery makes sense. If you believe in The Rabbit Hole Bakery, The Rabbit Hole will create an amazing work of art for your wedding, birthday or tea party. Is that a bargain? Visit our gallery and be inspired to create your own magical masterpiece.

The Rabbit Hole Bakery

800 Q Street, Lincoln Nebraska 68508

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