We pride ourselves in using fresh ingredients making our products one of a kind.  Whether piping away on a special wedding cake for a bride, or mixing up a homemade batch of macarons, The Rabbit Hole Bakery is a sweet treat for everyone. Like the Haymarket, our concept integrates a rugged history of old world—ports, champagnes, wines, and liquors with a contemporary design on cocktails.

Our purpose is to provide an atmosphere not focused on a downtown bar, but to establish a counterpart to our specialty pastries, cakes, and bread.

Why the Haymarket?

In the late 1800’s the Haymarket was the centerpiece of Lincoln Nebraska. Known for its open market with fresh produce and farm to table mentality. With this mindset the Rabbit Hole Bakery is focused on bringing the freshest and unique flavors to the Haymarket.

Our goal is to provide fresh desserts, custom cakes, and baked breads. When you visit our bakery in downtown Lincoln, NE, you’ll feel as you’ve stepped into the pages of a fairy tale, of a sweet wonderland.

Curiouser and Curiouser

Are you curious about The Rabbit Hole Bakery? Our story begins in 2016, sparked from the imagination of Amanda Fuchser, a passionate pastry chef. From there, the bakery has become a place to embrace your madness in a whimsical, comfortable environment. Hidden down The Rabbit Hole from the Haymarket’s bustle and insanity, this bakery offers exquisite desserts paired with specially curated spirits.

Step into the pages of your own fairy tale at The Rabbit Hole Bakery. The purpose of this sweet wonderland is to serve delectable desserts, custom cakes and baked goods made with the freshest ingredients to create a unique flavor experience.

Fall into the wonderland that is The Rabbit Hole Bakery, located 800 Q Street below Tipsy Tina’s. If falling down The Rabbit Hole isn’t your style, you’re welcome to walk down the stairs or take the wheelchair lift on the North corner of the building. There’s much to explore. Come experience the muchness for yourself.

The Rabbit Hole Bakery
800 Q Street (Below Tipsy Tina’s)
(402) 975-2322

Are you ready to indulge your imagination?

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